Beer Tap Handle: Scarecrow II

$88.00 USD

Scarecrow II Tap Handle: Oktoberfest, Pumpkin, Porters, Ambers, Apple ciders....It's always exciting when Fall beer return to the fold.

This festive scarecrow is the perfect tap for celebrating your fall favorite. This scarecrow has a resin body, real straw in his hat and cloth pants. His shoes are resin too. He literally sits on top of a hand turned black walnut handle. His feet dangle over the edge and swing freely.

Check out his partner in crime : Scarecrow Beer Tap I

The handle has been stained a deep brown and has a several coats of poly for protection.
Since the scarecrow is resin some care is need in handling. Resin can chip if dropped.

This tap is 12 inches tall.

This tap weighs 7 oz

Black Walnut, Resin Scarecrow, Aluminum Ferrule Polyurethane

The aluminum ferrule is 1.25 inches tall and will fit any standard kegerator faucet.

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