Vintage Edison Desk Lamp: Weston A.C.Ammeter

$130.00 USD

Vintage Edison Desk Lamp: Weston A.C.Ammeter

This vintage Edison desk lamp is crafted from a vintage Weston A.C. Ammeter and features a vintage bulb and a fully dimmable solid brass socket. The ambiance of its warm LED glow creates a unique atmosphere that will compliment any room. With its classic design, this timeless piece offers a classic lighting solution combined with modern technology. The ammeter is untested and the inside wires have been disconnected but remain intact. Vintage Bulb is included.

13 inches tall, 7 inches wide and 3.25 inches deep.

3lbs 8 ozs

Vintage A.C. Weston Ammeter, Socket, Edison Bulb, Braided cord, Plug