Beer Tap Handle: Vintage Orene Parker Co Corkscrew Beer Tap

$110.00 USD

Vintage Orene Parker Co Corkscrew Beer Tap Handle: Introducing Orene Parker Co Vintage Corkscrew Beer Tap. This unique beer tap is in great condition and hails from the notable Orene Parker Co Distillery (1886-1918), known for their production of pure Kentucky whiskies. Use it to pour your favorite beers and add a touch of history and elegance to your bar. The corkscrew ha not been altered and has only been glued into the walnut spindle. Currently the corkscrew alone sells for over $85 on ebay.

Only 1 available.

This tap is 11 inches tall.

This tap weighs weighs 6.4 oz.

Orene Parker Co Vintage Corkscrew, Aluminum Ferrule, Polyurethane

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Only 1 available