Beer Tap Handle: UFO (Unidentified Farm Object)

$43.00 USD

UFO (Unidentified Farm Object) Beer Tap Handle: This vintage UFO (unidentified farming??? object) tool is super cool. If anyone knows what it is...please let us know. We think it might be related to farming only because it was found in a rural AL antique store. Whatever it is, it makes the PERFECT industrial beer tap. Great hand feel with the just right curvature.

It has been coated with poly to preserve its color.
What a perfect gift for your beer enthusiast!!

There are 2 available:

*****FYI: One is about 1/2 inch taller than the other. The heights are 8.75 and 8.25 (just incase you'd like both of them)

This tap weighs just under 1lb

Farm tool, Aluminum Ferrule, Polyurethane

This aluminum ferrule is 1.25 inch tall and fits any standard kegerator.

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Only 1 available