Beer Tap Handle: Vintage Stillman Adjustable Wrench

$63.00 USD

Vintage Stillman Adjustable Wrench: This Walworth Co Stillman adjustable wrench beer tap is perfect for any industrial themed bar.

The Walworth Manufacturing Co. was founded by James J. Walworth in 1852 in Boston as the J.J. Walworth Co and was later incorporated as the Walworth Manufacturing Co in 1872.  The Stillman wrench in named after the employee who invented and patented it in 1869/1870. It has become the most successful tools of all time. All parts remain working.

The height of this pull is 8.5 inches

This tap weighs 9.1 ozs

Vintage Adjustable Wrench, Aluminum Ferrule, Polyurethane

This aluminum ferrule is 1.25 inch tall and fits any standard kegerator.

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