Vintage Edison Desk Lamp: No. 1 Kodak Jr Camera

$135.00 USD

No 1 Kodak Jr. Pocket Camera Desk Lamp: Add a touch of nostalgia to your desk with this fully dimmable Vintage Edison Desk Lamp. Made from a vintage No 1 Kodak Jr. Pocket Camera, it's perfect for anyone with a love for photography and a flair for the arts. The No. 1 Kodak Jr camera was introduced in 1914 and discontinued in 1927.

This camera lamp has a mat black powder coated socket that is fully dimmable. It allows you to dial in the perfect amount of light of warmth. The cord is a vintage style twisted cloth cord that is at least 5 feet in length.

A perfect gift for a recent graduate, photography student or lover of vintage cameras.

Comes with a 40 watt fully dimmable vintage Edison Bulb.
The height of this lamp is 14.5 inches tall. 

2.5 lbs 

Vintage Camera, Braided cord, Dimming Socket, Edison Bulb

Only 1 available