Vintage Edison Desk Lamp: Vintage Wooden Thread Spool

$87.00 USD

Vintage Wooden Thread Spool Desk Lamp: This Vintage Edison Desk lamp is absolutely stunning.
We found these old wooden thread spools in a cool antique store in Atlanta. We brought some home with the sole purpose of creating vintage lamps with them.

The light socket is a rich antiqued rubbed bronze that is fully dimmable. The Edison bulb (included) gives off a warm glow and radiates a bit of comforting heat. The vintage style braided cloth covered cord is black and 5 feet long.

The spool measures 4.25 inches in diameter and is 5 inches talll without the bulb. With the bulb, the lamps stands 9 inches tall. 

1lb 5ozs

Vintage Wooden Tread Spool, Antiqued Bronzed Socket, Braided Cord, Edison Bulb

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